International Spa Academy of Yoga & Therapeutic Sciences is a part of Sanda Retreats., who are a pioneer in wellness industry, providing wellness services through various activities like yoga, detox, ayurveda & spa.

The busy schedule makes people live head over heels. Hence the necessity of trained professional in Ayurveda and spa treatments rises up.

With a mission of providing effective wellness to all , we proudly present IAYTS Spa Academy. A unique feature of our spa Academy is that it offer Indian programmes (Ayurveda) as well as International spa therapy programmes. The school is accredited by BSS – the premier Indian national development agency set up by an Act of the Indian parliament and government to recognize professional training in vocational fields.

All courses are geared towards providing critical knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology to aid the understanding and the impact of treatment & therapies.

Our trainers are chosen for their expertise, passion for teaching and dedication to the healing arts. One of the main goals of our Spa Academy is to produce well trained qualified Ayurveda spa professionals for the blooming hospitality industry.

Spas are places devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body & spirit. IAYTS Spa Academy is aimed at providing world class training in spa etiquette, Indian & International spa therapies & treatments, spoken English and spa as a business. A wide range of courses are offered at our spa academy to produce and prepare well trained, well groomed spa professionals. Please refer to the course information for more details



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