Obesity or weight gain is one of the biggest gifts of the modern stressful lifestyle of the present era.  Unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise and sleep, stress have been identified as the prominent factors for weight gain or obesity.

Ayurveda-the ancient science of life has explained this health condition centuries ago.  It has been described as Sthoulya which is a Kaphaja & Mehoja Vyadhi.  Ayurveda explains that the human body is made up of the 05 natural elements which combine in different ways to form the 03 basic humors/bio energies of the body.  The humors or the bio-energies control the various functions of the human body.  The health or illness of a person depends on the balance or imbalance of these 03 bio energies/humors.  The person is healthy when the 03 humors are in balance according his/her body type.

Sthoulya in Ayurveda is described as an imbalance in Kapha bio energy.  The kapha bio energy is made up of water & earth elements which generally provide support & nourishment of the body.  When the kapha bio energy is in balance, the body is well supported and nourished.  But when the kapha bio energy increases, the body starts to hold on to various nutrients including fat thereby leading to overweight and obesity.   Based upon this observation, Ayurveda describes various causes which leads to excessive kaphs which include imbalanced or excessive food intake, lack of exercise, excessive intake of oily foods, sweets, stress, emotions, day sleeping, etc which in turn leads to deranged of fat metabolism.  This derangement in turn leads to accumulation of fat in various parts of the body.

Ayurveda advises both internal & external cleansing therapies as treatment for Sthoulya.  The Panchakarma therapies like Vamana (therapeutic emesis), virechana (therapeutic purgation) & vasti (therapeutic enemas) are advised as internal cleansers.  Therapies like Udwarthanam (medicated powder massage), swedanam (medicated steam bath), deep tissue abhyangam (oil massage with therapeutic oils), lepas (medicated weight loss herbal pastes) are advised as external cleansers & treatments.  Along with these strict kapha pacifying balanced diets, regular yoga & pranayama practices are also advised.  Ayurveda also recommends certain specific Ayurvedic supplements which help in faster fat metabolization thereby aiding weight loss.

Ayurveda advocates a healthy weight loss program which enables the person to continue the balanced diet & exercise practices even in their regular stressful life thereby aiding in maintaining a healthy weight.

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